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Zero Judgement Zone is a digital safe space (zone) for students to receive personalized, non-medical emotional AND mental health & well-being support.

Support is delivered to the palm of their hand via text messaging and can be scheduled 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere.

Support is UNLIMITED - students can schedule as many support sessions as they need.


What 4 KEY problems does Zero Judgement Zone solve?

Early Intervention: We start the critical, initial conversations to open up communication lines and identify early warning signs of distress for faster and more effective connection to support.

Communication: Zero Judgement Zone is a safe space for ALL students. We listen first and allow students to feel comfortable communicating about the emotional AND mental health & well-being issues they're facing.

Availability: Zero Judgement Zone is available to be scheduled 24/7, 365. We fill the service gaps that many schools face due to limited office hours, understaffing and space constraints.

Comfortability & Ease: We remove the stigma connected to seeking out emotional AND mental health & well-being services by offering an anonymous, truly third party, modern, and convenient option.


7 reasons Zero Judgement Zone is better.

  1. UNLIMITED SUPPORT SESSIONS: Unlike others, our support sessions are UNLIMITED - students can schedule as many sessions as they need. Our goal is to build strong relationships with each student and that takes time.

  2. TEXT BASED: We are text message based. 98% of students use text messaging and feel comfortable communicating that way. They tell us that text allows them to communicate at their own pace and allows them to recall support sessions more effectively.

  3. ANONYMITY: Students can choose to remain anonymous. They don't have to worry about someone recognizing them or noticing them using on-campus services. This is our most liked feature. There is something about not sharing names and faces that keeps students coming back.

  4. EASE & COMFORT: Simple sign up. We don't ask intrusive medical questions. The simple step of not asking medical questions, which most students don't understand anyway, immediately opens up lines of communication. Our initial support process is frictionless and is the first step of building a relationship with each student.

  5. SHARED IDENTITY: We LISTEN FIRST and match students with support specialists based on a their shared identity. We achieve greater outcomes when the student knows they aren't talking to a random person but instead talking to "their person" who has a shared identity. Communicating with someone with a shared identity increases retention rates and success rates.

  6. ENTRY BARRIERS: We're non-medical support, We remove the perceived "weirdness" of therapy and psychiatry. We've found that students associate the word crazy with traditional service options and therefore shy away. We build relationships without using medical terminology. Through comfortable conversations, students ultimately give us insight as to whether or not they need to be connected to medical support.

  7. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: Our service is multilingual. We offer English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Ukrainian.


What are the 7 main objectives of Zero Judgement Zone student support?

  1. Utilize effective communication techniques to create a safe space for students to express themselves honestly and openly.

  2. Increase awareness, knowledge and skills around emotional AND mental health & well-being, as well as social awareness and relationship skills.

  3. Instill greater resilience and lifelong coping skills especially during or following periods of trauma or distress,

  4. Encourage stronger relationships and connectedness.

  5. Early intervention.

  6. Identify warning signs of distress.

  7. Connecting those in need to the right support.


Take a look at the Zero Judgement Zone student support process.


Who does Zero Judgement Zone serve?

Public High Schools

Private High Schools

School Districts

Grades 8-12

4 Year Universities

Zero Judgement Zone offers scalable and secure personalized, non-medical emotional AND mental health and well-being services to meet the 24/7 support needs of your institution, whether students are on- or off-campus.

Zero Judgement Zone complements your on-campus health resources with the ability to schedule 24/7 UNLIMITED, personalized, non-medical emotional AND mental health & well-being support sessions and to fill any operating hours and/or capacity gaps.

Private Institutions

Community Colleges


University Systems


What are students saying about Zero Judgement Zone?

Easy to use

"I was used to a ton of questions and back and forth. This service was much easier to use and I get a lot of help from it. I can basically go at my own pace and not feel pressured."

Great results

"The best support that I have gotten since my freshman year. Way better outcome. I feel more confident that I am going to be successful."


found Zero Judgement Zone to be as effective or more effective than traditional therapy.


found Zero Judgement Zone to be more convenient than traditional therapy.


found Zero Judgement Zone to be more approachable than traditional therapy.

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